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Sunbeam MFB have been in operation for the past 30 years having our registered office at No. 1 Ugbonhan Street, Efon – Alaaye, Ekiti State, Nigeria – West Africa. This remains the registered office of Sunbeam Microfinance Bank which is poised to serve Efon – Alaaye Local Government area with over one hundred and fifty thousand (150,000) rural dwellers in the extreme western part of Ekiti State who are predominantly farmers, petty traders, artisans and civil servants.

The bank already has history of providing financial services to the active poor, low and medium income earners. Such services have been provided to peasant farmers, market traders and small scale petroleum dealers. With these services already on ground, the evolution of Efon – Alaaye Community Bank to Sunbeam Microfinance Bank has further enhanced the Bank’s ability to develop more products to meet the needs of the target groups which would otherwise remain unserved.

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The concept of Sunbeam Microfinance Bank evolved from Efon-Alaaye Community Bank. Efon-Alaaye Community Bank was commissioned on the 26th of May 1992 with paid up capital of N400,000 (Four Hundred Thousand Naira) out of N1,000,000 (One Million Naira) authorized. Presently the shareholders` fund has gone up to N183,000,000 (One hundred and eighty-three million Naira) and total assets amounts to about N744,000,000 (Seven Hundred and Forty-four Million Naira) as at year 2021 Audited account approved by the CBN. The Bank is located in Efon-Alaaye, moderately populated area in Ekiti State, Nigeria, West Africa.

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We understand the importance of approaching each work integrally and believe in the power of simple and easy communication.
To become a first-tier unit microfinance bank by the year 2024.
The Bank has a vision to offer efficient microfinance services and innovative products to the economically active poor satisfactorily, thereby enhancing our financial sustainability.

Core Values

As a key value to our organization, we adhere to our set of standards and code of conduct. It means we conduct ourselves with responsibility, integrity, transparency, and accountability. Additionally, we produce excellent work and hold ourselves up as an expert for the ultimate benefit of customers. This is characterized by our - Complete Knowledge, Conscientiousness, Integrity, Respect, Emotional Intelligence, Appropriateness, and Confidence.
We are open and honest in dealing with customers, dependable and accountable. Our integrity is evident on how efficient our services are and completed on or before the date. We as an organization are very productive during working hours and meet each task or assignment with enthusiasm and motivation. We also explore ways to yield positive and improved outcome in our services to customers with our company policies adhered so as to keep our services and products safe, foster professionalism and promote efficiency.
We are totally committed to and involved with our organizations goals as we work hard and enthusiastically. We use sound judgment in carrying out our roles to customers with their interest foremost. This has increased our customer loyalty and increase the community awareness of our products and services. Our organizations loyalty is clearly manifested in our improved daily operations.
As service providers, we consistently meet and occasionally even exceed customer expectations. This means that we go beyond meeting our customer's basic needs by providing support in a timely and pleasant manner by doing everything possible so our customers are not merely satisfied but are actually happy with the products and services we offer. Our excellent service is incorporated in our responsiveness to inquiries and service requests in a prompt and efficient manner which translates to us being able to establish common ground with our dear customers and ensure we are aligned with them in moving forward.
Together Everybody Achieves More (TEAM) this is why our goals are met and tasks completed in the most effective and efficient way resulting from the contributory efforts of interdependent individuals that we are. There is an effective open line of communication within us as we promote positive relationship with full commitment makes us focus on our vision.
Looking Ahead

Our focus and projection

The Bank presently operates as a Unit Microfinance Bank within the Efon Local Government of Ekiti State. The Bank intends to open a new branch within the next (3) years to be located in Ado Ekiti, the State Capital after meeting all regulatory requirements.

The Bank currently operates as a Unit Microfinance Bank with the Head Office at Efon – Alaaye, Ekiti State, Nigeria with the present total equity of about N200 Million and intends to grow equity to N1 Billion within the next three (3) years projections. The equity is expected to fund the Head Office and a new branch at Ado Ekiti.

The Bank shall cover villages and towns within the following Local Governments; Efon – Alaaye, Irepodun, Ekiti West, Ekiti South West, Ijero – Ekiti and Ado Ekiti through group formation and extension of micro loans to our target clients.

With favorable three year financial projections, the bank is positioned to achieving its vision and goals to provide simple and efficient financial services to the economically active poor, in order to grow their businesses thus alleviating poverty and creating wealth; in the same vein, adding value to her investors.

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