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Are you ambitious, innovative and hardworking

If you’re ambitious, innovative and hardworking, a career with Sunbeam Microfinance Bank Nigeria may be for you. New challenges are arising regularly as the microfinance sector continues to evolve in Nigeria. Likewise, new ideas, techniques, and solutions are sorted for as the pursuit of value takes on greater impact in the financial sector; we have a multitude of career opportunities that will enable you prove your ability from the very first day at work.

You will be surrounded by excellent thinkers and have access to opportunities that young professionals had always yearned for; whether you work in the office or in the field, or provide solutions to our clients directly or indirectly, you’ll experience a culture that is diverse, dynamic, fun and focused on helping you achieve success. Working at Sunbeam Microfinance Bank Nigeria can by no means be boring. It is motivating, inspiring and challenging -depending on how you approach it, and this can be so fulfilling.

Equal Opportunities

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Sunbeam Microfinance Bank Nigeria is fully committed to the principles of equal opportunities in recruitment and employment and does not discriminate on the basis of any legally protected status or characteristic.

Applications can be forwarded directly to our email address for placements.